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The Institute for Global Leadership

Consultation and Training for Emerging and Seasoned Leaders

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Leadership Training and Coaching for

Emerging and Seasoned Leaders and Teams


In this uncertain world, there are two constants- change and conflict—whether you are a seasoned or emerging leader, a professional in any discipline, or a person just beginning your career or contemplating retirement. 


In order to cope with change and conflict, leaders and teams need resources for daily living and working. Join us for coaching, career decisions, career advancement, leadership and team training to learn the benefits of having a clear sense of personal life passion- the foundation of effective leadership.


The best of our humanity is needed now in this crucial moment in history. We offer values clarification and new skills for competency at four levels: personal, interpersonal, systemic and global. The challenges of people and institutions are systemic and societal. We specialize in helping people navigate and/or change resistance systems.  


We invite you to join us to re-examine your inborn gifts and strengths, to learn new skills and develop a broad world-view in this crossroad moment of institutional, social, ecological and economic global history.

For a complete listing of our services, click Client Services. Here is a brief summary of our offerings for business, community, institutional, national and global challenges:

Virginia Swain, Founder, CEO and Director,
Institute for Global Leadership, Founder, and Restoring Faith in Humanity Blog and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Global Community and World Law

Our Mission

The Institute for Global Leadership provides confidential, compassionate and skilled guidance, consultation and training
to help leaders and teams through change, challenges and crises.

We recognize all human beings, institutions, nations and multilateral entities for their uniqueness, need and capacity for transformation.



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